Technology and innovation have a significant impact on companies in all sectors, and software plays a crucial role in facilitating business activities. Software that support businesses can cover a wide range of functions and processes, contributing to operational efficiency, decision-making optimization, automation and overall management. All of these are key elements in precisely improving companies’ operations and competitiveness.

Basis Service Middle East is always at the side of its partner companies. We offer the best software, which we synergistically suggest in order to improve our customers’ work, to support them in the best possible way and to find the most suitable solutions for their needs. The software created by Basisgroup helps companies manage their day-by-day business operations in a more technological, innovative and efficient way.

Precisely for this purpose, we provide support for detailed digital audits, for personnel management or business process management; but also for certifying and guaranteeing the authenticity of digital documents, for recruiting activities and for logistics and shipment management.

Whatever the need, our partners can count on ready-made or customised software solutions for their specific needs, in an effective, fast and modular manner. Below is a detailed look at our software, available and functional for each of our customers.

InspectionSite: inspections in the cloud

A cloud-based inspection software that allows all kinds of inspections and surveys to be carried out digitally, generating customised reports that can be archived and shared with clients and back offices.

In detail, it offers: inspection reports immediately ready at the end of the inspection, layouts and forms customised to individual requirements, inspection app suitable for any mobile device, photos and videos stored in high resolution, data used in real time for statistics and analysis, data encrypted and stored securely and always available.


Doorkeeper: access control for employees and guests

The system for access control, time recording and communication with employees and guests in your company.

A solution that allows every company to make its processes smart. Among the main benefits of this technology is certainly the abandonment of paper, allowing the company to be more green. In addition, for companies working remotely, the software enables time stamping via an App.

Simple to use, quick to activate and configure, Doorkeeper is accessible from any device because it is in the cloud.

logo Doorkeeper

Xperience: managing your company’s internal and external processes

The no-code solution for business process management. It allows you to quickly customise processes and workflows that integrate with the systems of your business organisation.

Xperience adapts to your company’s needs thanks to specific modules for the management of internal and external business unit processes. Processes, specifically, concern all activities for requesting intervention and help within the organisation.

They include, therefore, all those requests for information, guidance and advice, in support of the activities and operations carried out within the company.

Logo Xperience Software
Xperience Software

iuScribo: certifying and signing documents with the Blockchain

Comprehensive solution for certifying and signing documents in the Blockchain era: it allows to authenticate, i.e. digitally sign, date and guarantee the authenticity and immodifiability of any document or digital object.

There are several advantages of iuScribo: in addition to the use of Blockchain technology, which prevents the alteration of documents, it allows for more accurate management of the minutes processes, guaranteeing greater precision and organisation in the processing of files. Accessibility 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, simplified thanks to an entirely ‘Cloud’ environment, accessible from any device (PC and mobile).

logo iuScribo

Seeker: simplified management of recruiting activities

A simple and flexible system for recruiting activities: from the management of selection campaigns, to the geolocalisation of profiles selected from a given database search, to the possibility of exploiting a powerful intelligent search engine.

By using Seeker, you can take advantage of the Apply Career Page mode, which allows the automatic publication of active recruitment campaigns on the “Work with Us” page of the company website, via plug-ins and system APIs.

The software has multi-user access and offers the possibility of sharing activities and evaluations with other team members.

Logo Seeker
Map Seeker

iMoveNext: the management suite for logistics and shipping

The software that simplifies procedures related to the world of logistics and shipping through a dedicated management software. The complete suite designed specifically for national and international forwarders, shipping agencies, brokers and logistics operators.

MoveNext integrates a process management system that allows you to set up automatic workflows (workflows) to configure controls and activities, such as automatically sending emails, text messages, generating printouts, etc. With the integrated document management, it is also possible to automatically archive issued and received documents, sharing them with operational and administrative staff.

The adoption of advanced and innovative software clearly enables companies to become more competitive, efficient and agile in today’s increasingly dynamic markets. However, it is essential that companies carefully plan the implementation of such software, considering their specific needs, budget and employee engagement to maximise the benefits of technological innovation.

Logo iMoveNext
iMove Next

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