We use the best software to support our customers to the best of our ability and find the most suitable solutions for their needs together with our partners. 

The software created by Basis Group companies helps our customers manage their day-to-day business operations in a more technological, innovative and efficient way.

We provide support for detailed digital audits, for personnel management or business process management. We also certify and guarantee the authenticity of documents or digital objects, for recruiting activities and for logistics and shipment management.

Whatever the need, we can count on ready-made software solutions or software that can be customized to the specific needs of our customers in a quick and modular manner.

Our software helps companies manage operations efficiently and effectively.


Cloud-based inspection software that is used to perform all types of inspections and surveys, generating customized reports that can be archived with clients.

logo Doorkeeper

The system for access control, attendance tracking and communications with employees and guests of your company that makes every company smart.

Logo Xperience Software

The no-code solution for business process management that quickly customises processes and workflows to be integrated with corporate organisation systems.

Xperience Software
logo iuScribo

The document certification and signing solution, in the Blockchain era, used to authenticate, then digitally sign, date and ensure the authenticity and immodifiability of every document.

Logo Seeker

The simple and flexible solution for your recruiting activities, managing selection campaigns, geolocation of profiles selected from a specific database search, smart search engine.

Map Seeker
Logo iMoveNext

The suite for simplifying the most complex procedures of logistics and freight forwarding management, for domestic and international freight forwarders, shipping agencies, brokers, and logistics operators.

iMove Next

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