We provide ICT services that allow us to support our customers with the best solutions for any need: hardware support and complex IT infrastructures (physical and cloud), software, management services and MSP

Thanks to our on-site and remote personnel, we provide the best level of service, combining quality and speed of intervention. Each solution is presented to the customer only after passing precise and meticulous quality checks. Each intervention is aimed at providing the most appropriate service to meet the customer’s needs.

Information and Communication Technology


We provide design and installation of IT infrastructures, hardware and software maintenance, managed services and MSP (rental, maintenance and software).

Our IT outsourcing has many advantages. Our IT offers greater flexibility of work and immediate solutions. With outsourced IT services, we aim to win the customer’s trust by executing the work according to agreed standards and timeframes.

Our aim is to improve the strategic and organisational processes and value creation methods of the companies that rely on us through resources, skills and knowledge sharing.

Basis Services Middle East
Basis Services Middle East


We specialise in integrating ERP software into existing business processes and workflows: configuration and customization, but also database migration and integration with existing applications.

We totally support our customers in the transition and timing to adopt a new ERP system, guiding through all phases, before, during and after the transformation.

Every company needs a system integration solution. A professional profile dedicated to this purpose is able to identify the weak points of the company’s IT system, both in terms of hardware and software as well as network, and propose solutions that are as suitable as possible for the company’s situation, considering costs, needs and productivity.


We develop customized software and applications based on specific customer requirements and needs.

The implementation of new technologies, both digital and mechanical, does not only improve production in terms of quality and cost, but also plays a fundamental role from a strategic and positioning point of view in the global market.

Our role is to support our customers in gaining insight into the global market and finding technological solutions that are at the forefront today and, above all, represent the strategic avant-garde of any organization in the future.

Basis Services Middle East


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