Basis Service Middle East is a hub of Basisgroup.

Basisgroup is the network active worldwide in the field of industrial technical services and IT, specialising in building relationships to and from Middle Eastern countries, which is developed through sales, business development and operational support digitally and, above all, in the field.

Basis Service Middle East operates at 360 degrees to find the best solutions to its customers’ problems, through the integration of the commercial offer, but also of the experience of the companies in the group. 

Basis Service Middle East proposes a wide range of products and services, in the Engineering, Consultancy & Services, ICT and Software fields, with which it generates a considerable advantage thanks to its capillary physical presence on the territory, a high level of flexibility and operational reliability, and a proactive approach devoted to building partnerships.

Basis Service Middle East international company laying the foundations to embrace the Middle East market in order to improve connections with other hubs. Precisely because of this internationalisation, it has several offices not only in the UAE, but also in Italy, Great Britain, North America, Algeria and Libya.

The mission is unquestionably to become very soon the reference partner for customers in the Middle East countries, through a strong problem-solving attitude, but also through commercial activity and constant business operations.

Operations and customer identity card in the Middle East

Through a mix of integrated services, i.e. sales, development and operational activities, Basis Service Middle East can be defined as the only contact point that brings together all Basis Group services in the Middle East, acting precisely as a hub for the group’s companies.

With technical services in ‘Oil&Gas’ the offer becomes quite vertical, unlike IT services as they are also offered in other sectors.

Which partners are specifically addressed?

  • local companies that have service needs in the Middle East;
  • foreign companies that need a hub in the Middle East;
  • local companies that need support abroad. For example: expediting services for monitoring suppliers in Italy or other countries in the the world.

An extensive and structured service offer

A vision of international expansion, the result of experience gained in the field, in close contact with customers, through business development and operational support.

The Engineering service is made up of a team of engineers and experts that support partner companies to establish lasting business relationships in a fairly short time. A reliable and secure process to increase the demand for technological, innovative and quality products from international customers.

A range of consulting services with tools and skills that partner companies need to grow. Our strength is the constant collaboration, from start to finish, together with a specific focus on the needs of individual customers, always coming up with new ideas, developing effective strategies and designing high-quality solutions.

ITC services are specifically designed to support and provide all the best technical solutions, such as hardware and more, to best handle different requirements. No product supplied by the company is presented to customers without passing all the required quality checks.

We use the best software to plan ahead and find the most suitable solutions together with specific partners. Every proposed software helps companies to manage operations efficiently and effectively.

These are some of the software used:

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