The Middle East is an area with a strong presence of the oil and natural gas industry, but recent years have also seen economic diversification and an increasing focus on innovation and technological development in other sectors, such as renewable energy, industrial automation, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and more.

Industrial and technology hubs have developed in the Middle East context: this is the case of BSME (Basis Service Middle East), linked to Basisgroup, which offers technical and industrial services especially in the engineering sector.

In fact, in the countries of the United Arab Emirates a lot has been invested in the development of infrastructure and large-scale industrial projects. These projects require a wide range of technical and professional skills, which are provided by BSME, an engineering and technical services company.

These services result in improved operational efficiency, reduced costs and shortened delivery times.

These activities serving companies include the design and engineering of industrial plants, commissioning of machinery and equipment, maintenance and technical assistance, as well as project management and technical consultancy. In addition, Basis Service Middle East provides innovative solutions in the field of industrial automation and data analysis to optimise industrial operations and improve efficiency.

Discovering the Middle East: a first-class market

To operate successfully in the Middle East in the engineering sector (industrial technical services and integrated services), it is important to first understand the local culture and business practices, comply with country-specific regulations and requirements, and establish strategic partnerships with local companies. This is exactly what BSME develops its business on.

The strategic location of the Middle East, with its abundance of energy resources and its position as a crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa, has made this area an important centre for industrial activities. For this reason, BSME, as a technical and industrial services hub provides comprehensive engineering solutions (engineering software and engineering management) to meet the needs of partner companies operating in the Middle East area.

The developed infrastructure, efficient transport links and the presence of special economic zones help to create a favourable environment for the development of all these technical services in the Middle East.

However, it is important to note that the geopolitical situation and regional events can affect access and stability in that territory.

A hub alongside partner companies in the Middle East

Design and engineering, maintenance, service and repair, equipment life cycle management, logistics and consulting: in short business develompment and technical support.

Quality control is a crucial aspect in the engineering sector, especially in the Middle East. BSME is committed to ensuring compliance with international standards, offering specialised services to customers and providing high quality products and services. This process requires the implementation of pressing quality control processes covering all stages from design to installation.

BSME’s Engineering offer

BSME ‘Engineering’ offer is structured according to the following fields:

  • Procurement & Purchasing: Supplier scouting, managing offers and purchase orders.
  • Inspections, Expediting & Quality Control: Conformity control of incoming/outgoing and stored materials, non-conformity management, supplier inspections for quality control and production progress.
  • Field & Site Services: Installation, verification of design/sales standards, machine/plant start-up, periodic plant inspections in operation, maintenance.
  • Spare Parts & Warehouse Management: Spare parts management and localised warehouse.

In conclusion, the Middle East offers so many opportunities related to integrated technical services, thanks to infrastructure and industrial development projects. This is the sense of Basisgroup entry, through the BSME hub, into the market of the Arab countries. With the right approach and the necessary technical expertise it is possible to succeed in this fast-growing region.

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