Consultancy and services for companies that want to do business to and from the Middle East can cover a wide range of areas, as the region is economically diverse and offers opportunities in areas such as energy, technology and logistics, among others.

It is important to make an in-depth analysis of the areas in which your company might seek advice and services in the Middle East:

  • International expansion: if your company is considering entering the Middle East market, we recommend consulting on entry strategy, legal training, market research and tax planning. Entering a new market requires an in-depth analysis that can have a significant impact on the success of internationalisation activities, and support by specialists that allow you to achieve your goals in less time.
  • Local partners: it is important from the outset to find reliable local partners, who are essential for your success in the Middle East. Your company may need local business partners or agents.
  • Regulatory compliance: pay attention to laws and regulations that can vary greatly from country to country in the Middle East. Again in this case, your company would really need legal and tax advice to ensure compliance with local regulations.
  • Human resources: recruitment and personnel management can be a challenge in such a diversified market. Recruitment, training and human resources development services are therefore necessary.
  • Logistics and procurement: the Middle East is a key transit region for international trade. That is why your company would need supply chain management and logistics services to optimise operations.
  • Marketing and communications: Effective communication with local audiences is essential. In this sense, marketing services, public relations and social media management are extremely effective in reaching the specific target audience.
  • Financial advice: managing company finances, tax optimisation and financial risk management. It is important to make use of local financial advice and banking services.
  • Sustainability and CSR: the focus on environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices is growing exponentially. It is important to get advice on how to integrate these practices into their operations in the Middle East.

Risk management: the Middle East region can be subject to political instability and other risks. For this reason particular attention to risk management and corporate security is often required.

What does our consultancy services offer?

We provide a wide range of consultancy services, with tools and transversal skills that allow us to support our clients in all possible areas of operational intervention. We focus on identified needs, developing new ideas, designing effective strategies and proposing high-profile solutions.

We offer experience and expertise, bringing in deep knowledge and understanding of the specific sectors and problems that clients may face: specialised resources, advanced working methodologies, flexibility to adapt to changing client needs, new ideas, approaches and innovative solutions adapted to the business organisation.


Process, Supply Chain & Logistic

We make internal processes effective: administration, purchasing, sales, HR management, cost accounting, production control, supply chain, logistics management.

Supply chain management certainly plays a major role: the difference between an efficient supply chain and a poorly managed one translates into the success or failure of the entire company, which is why our technicians have a strong specialisation in this application area. Efficiency improvements cannot ignore a cross-sectoral approach, determining the success of other departments and processes, including, for example, order delivery times or financial flows, which must be within precise parameters.


Business Intelligence & Analytics

BI (Business Intelligence) allows business data to be analysed and presented in intuitive visualisations such as reports, dashboards, charts and diagrams.

We develop structured (‘big data’) databases, data analysis, customised dashboards and reporting.

This information can be analysed to gain insights into the actual performance of partner companies since we always provide constant support in identifying the best systems for collecting, processing and presenting information.


IT Architecture & Cybersecurity

We manage and optimise IT infrastructure, network and data security.

Technology infrastructures are a priority for companies. They are subject to continuous innovation, such as cloud computing or software-defined paradigms, which bring significant benefits. 

Increasing the value of technology infrastructures requires an in-depth and thorough design of internal operating models. That is why our consultants specialise in the management and design of IT architectures.

We also offer direct assistance in the field of Cyber Security, drawing on our extensive knowledge and experience in risk management, compliance and technology.


Marketing, Sales & Communication

We provide communication and strategic marketing services for ICT companies.

We look at customers’ needs, adopting certified technologies and a strategic approach, oriented towards generating and measuring results. 

We help our clients achieve their business goals through marketing activities, from promotion to communication to sales, by promoting a structured planning of activities and resources, oriented towards using all the possibilities offered by the marketing mix.


International Support & Development

We define internationalisation strategies, with on-site support in our hubs (Italy, USA, UAE, Algeria, Libya, etc.). We operate at 360 degrees, with localised offices and administrative/bureaucratic support for the internationalisation of partner clients’ activities.

We use our in-depth knowledge of business strategies, operational processes and the latest technologies to create value opportunities. 

We work effectively and distinguish ourselves in defining and supporting the implementation of complex transformations.



We provide consultants specialised in the implementation and integration of blockchain technology within business processes and functions, moving the company into Web 3.0.

Blockchain is undoubtedly one of the biggest technological revolutions of the last decades: taking an interest in this technology now means gaining a competitive advantage in the future. 

Our job is to help our customers adopt this technological revolution in their organisations and business in a simple way, contextualising it in the best possible way to meet needs and opportunities.


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